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02/04/30 · I have a 2003 Honda Accord showing engine malfunction codes P0420 and P0141. The light only comes on intermittently, but the codes are always there when I get an OBD-II test. Thinking it was the catalytic converter, I installed a new one I got for $150 at. The light was off when I installed it, but came back on. 25/10/34 · P0420 and P0430 CEL code on 2003 Honda Accord V6? Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1. Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2. Any honda mechanics familiar. I need a clear answer. Hopefully all I have to do is replace the O2 sensors. If so, where are they? 27/04/38 · The catalytic converter on your Honda Accord has two oxygen sensors. One oxygen sensor is positioned in front of the catalytic converter and the other oxygen sensor is positioned in the rear. When the oxygen sensors have a reading that is similar to each other, it is an indication that the catalytic converter is not working as efficiently as it. 2003 Honda Accord Code P0420. Susi Susilawati Foto June 6, 2018. P0420 obd ii trouble code problems with your catalytic how to clean a catalytic converter without removing it p0507 idle air control system rpm higher than expected dtc oxygen sensor location it is a 2 3l california emissions how to fix code p0420 ricks auto repair advice. P0420 HONDA Meaning The Engine Control Module monitors the switching frequency ratio of heated oxygen sensors 1 front O2 sensor and heated oxygen sensors 2 rear O2 sensor.A three way catalyst converter Manifold with high oxygen storage capacity will indicate a low switching frequency of heated oxygen sensor 2.

P0420 OBD-II Trouble Code - how to fix? My honda 2002 Accord LX Coupe Check engine light went on. I took the car for a code check and it came up with the code P0420.. 2007 Honda Accord @67K miles. Ck Engine light appeared. Took to dealership and diagnostic test showed CODE p0420. WARRANTY 8/80K miles covered the catalytic converter, but was told the warranty DOES NOT COVER THE O2 SENSOR.

05/06/34 · OBD II trouble code P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 is the code that let's you know that the catalytic converter on your 2.2L/2.3L Honda is not cleaning the exhaust of pollution like it should. Usually, when a P0420 lights up the check engine, it indicates that the catalytic converter has failed, but not always since the rear downstream oxygen sensor could be bad this is. P0420 is one of the more common trouble codes that we see. Other popular codes include P0171, P0300, P0455, P0442, etc. So be sure to bookmark this site for future reference! The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system that looks kind of like a muffler, although it's job is very different from that of a muffler. A catalytic. Hi, My 2005 Honda Accord has died twice in the last week for no reason. Last Monday while going to leave work it wouldn't start and I didn't leave anything on, I had a colleague jump it battery is only 4 months old by the way and was able to drive normally until yesterday when I.

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